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Pullman Good Food Co-op October 2023

Hello Pullman Good Food Co-op Member/Owners,

The Pullman Good Food Co-Op (PGFC) Board of Directors has

exciting news to share with our member-owners, who’ve been waiting for this news for a long time.

After early conversations with the owners and after tours of the property by our Location Committee, the PGFC Board has submitted a Letter of Intent for the property at 1095 SE Bishop Blvd. in Pullman—previously Unify Family Dental, and before that, the Fireside Grille restaurant. If all goes well, that will be the location of Pullman’s first and only food co-operative, with a mission of providing equitable access to healthy, affordable, quality food from local producers.

To succeed, a collaborative effort from you—and all PGFC member-owners—will be critical. And we’ll need to move quickly! Here’s how you can help:

  • To move forward, PGFC members need to raise $400,000 in the next 60 days as Phase 1 of the fundraising efforts. Visit DONATE to learn how you can donate to help obtain this incredible site.

  • If you have experience in fundraising, grant writing, event planning, finance, or community organizing, please join the PGFC Capital Campaign Committee! Apply now at VOLUNTEER!

  • Two openings remain on the PGFC Board of Directors to be filled as soon as possible! This is a great opportunity to add to the diversity and depth of experience of the Board. If you’re a PGFC member-owner and are interested in helping lead the effort of establishing a food co-op in Pullman, please send a cover letter and resume to

  • The PGFC goal is to add 1,500 owner-members within the local community by the time we open the store. Learn how you can join or support membership efforts at JOIN the CO-OP

With your help, this will be the location for the Pullman Good Food Co-Op, which will serve everyone from the local area, including long-time residents, students, farmers, local craftspeople, and more!

During this exciting time, you’ll be seeing an increase in how often you hear from the PGFC Board, as we share the latest exciting news as quickly and transparently as possible. You will see ongoing updates to the members as we continue together through this process.

If you have any feedback or suggestions on how our community can achieve this goal, please contact us at

–The Pullman Good Food Co-Op Board of Directors

Justin Peters, Board Chair (term expires 2024)

Jeff Guyett, Vice-chair (term expires 2024)

Matt Smylie, Secretary (term expires 2025)

Andy Jacobs, Treasurer (term expires 2026)

Ken Casavant (term expires 2024)

Cassie Willis (term expires 2025)

Vacant position (term expires 2026)




Volunteer with us!

Let us know if you are interested - we could use all of our owners help!

Join the Capital Campaign or Membership committees.

Help with your store’s marketing and communication. Help us table at local events!

Work on the Capital Campaign (including grant-writing)

Recruit new member/owners - build our membership

click here to VOLUNTEER



As a Friend and/or Owner of the Pullman Good Food Co-op you know how important a sense of community. We continue to work towards our goal of opening our food Co-op and your support is essential. Join us with your donation or pledge. Direct donations are not the same as ownership. No item of value (e.g. ownership share, voting rights, owner discount, etc.) will be provided to donors. Use of funds: Donations will be used to facilitate the development of our food co-op. Uses will include professional fees, supplies, inventory, building renovations and furnishings, etc., related to project development. Direct donations to Pullman Good Food Co-op are NOT tax deductible. Donate through our Fiscal Sponsor for tax-deduction. #pullmangoodfoodcoop


Cooperative principle #3 "Members Economic participation"

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