Elections for Board of Directors positions

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Elections are held annually for open positions for Board of Directors. Each Director serves a 3-year term. 

Three of seven board positions are open in this year’s election, each serving a three-year term.

Voting is online May 5 - 15. Only one person per member/owner household may vote.

March 17   Candidacy packets available on the Co-op website

April 10   Deadline for candidate applications/statements to be submitted

April 15   Board recognizes eligible candidates

April 21   Board Meeting from 4-6pm (virtual)

April 23   Q&A with the Board 12pm (virtual)

April 25   Deadline to withdraw from the election

April 26   Candidate statements published on website

April 28   Candidate Forum with moderator (virtual) RSVP to membership

May 5   Election period begins (online voting)

May 15   Election period ends 

May 20   Election results announced

June 20   New Board members seated at Board Meeting


Candidates for Board of Directors

RaeOlsson - Rae Olsson.png

Rae Olsson

I want to serve on the Board of directors of Pullman Good Food Co-Op because food is the heart of any community, and a strong regional food system can provide not only nutrition, but a connection to our neighbors, ecosystem, and our economy. As a board member, I would be given the opportunity to work on behalf of our member community to secure equitable access to food and products that will strengthen our place-based ties to farmers, historical land use, and each other.

I have worked with many aspects of food system development, from starting and fundraising a new farmers’ market in my hometown, to organizing conferences and symposia that connect growers, purchasers, and consumers. I have led workshops to teach people how they fit into their regional food shed, and I’ve served on boards of other member-owned organizations.

I would be well suited as a board member because I have unique perspectives on food systems. I have been a farmer, a program organizer, an educator, a fundraiser, and always an eater. Having worked in many different aspects of food systems, I have a deep understanding of how each sector of the food industry is connected. Finally, I want to serve on the board because I love Pullman. This town and community have given me a place to lay down roots, and I believe that working as a member of the board of the PGFC would offer me a way to give back some of what Pullman has given me.

JP - Justin Peters.jpg

Justin Peters

Serving on the Board of Directors of Pullman Good Food Co-op is important to me because of my passion and dedication to our community. I believe with my education and background experience I can have a positive impact on the business as well as our community members. This opportunity would allow me to be a part of the strengthening of our quality food source and working to build local businesses alongside the co-op. Being a former business owner myself, I want to help the co-op succeed and thrive by implementing good business practices and working together with the other board members to establish a solid foundation for the future.

I have the professional experience, training and education that can contribute to the success of Pullman co-op. My education includes a Master of Business Administration and Bachelor of Business Management degrees. I have worked at Pullman Regional Hospital for the past 8 years including the last 3 years working alongside the hospital’s Chief Financial Officer. The experience I have learned during this time has been invaluable to me and has taught me how to run a successful business in this community while preserving the amazing culture that the hospital has to offer. Specifically, the skills I have learned include budgeting, forecasting, productivity management, purchasing capital equipment, analytics, leadership skills and excel dashboards. I also owned and operated a successful medical supply business for 5 years which gave me insight and perspective for small business operations.

I am a highly motivated and driven individual that takes pride in any work that I do. I have excellent time management, communication skills, and stay focused on the task at hand. Health and nutrition have been a big part of my life and is something that I am passionate about. I have completed over 6 ironman races in the past 8 years and know the importance of quality food choices and the effects it can have on a person’s body. I want to serve on the board to have the opportunity to spread my knowledge from a business standpoint, but also as an athlete would be an asset to the board and members of the co-op.


Ken Casavant

I have been a resident of Pullman for 54 years, and am totally committed to the social and economic welfare of Pullman, surrounding personages/communities and environmental conditions. I feel strongly that the natural food coop, as envisioned here, will add greatly to increasing the life condition of these entities.

My professional and personal experience in electric, farm and fertilizer cooperatives (I farmed in North Dakota before coming to Washington to work on my Ph.D in Agricultural Economics) gives me a reasonable background in cooperative principles, policy governance and generation of consumer patronage dividends. I expect to find this role as a Board member of the Pullman Good Food Co-op to be interesting and beneficial to me, and hopefully the Pullman community.


I have served on many entities with resultant experience that should be helpful to this position. Professionally I have served as Vice-President and President of the Western Agricultural Economics Association, President of the national Transportation Research Forum, member of the Pullman City Council, President of the Pullman Chamber of Commerce, Chairman of the WSU Faculty Senate, Vic Provost for Academic Affairs and Research, member (4 years) of the Pacific Northwest Power Planning Council, President of Sacred Heart Catholic Church Parish Council, as well as currently on the Steering Committee of the Whitman Council Depot Heritage Project. While not formally Cooperative in structure these many activities required being cooperative in reaching goals.