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2024 Elections for three open positions on the
Board of Directors will take place June 10-17, 2024
See below for the candidates.

The voting link will come to the primary owner email - watch for it!!

In cooperation,
Andy Jacobs;
Board Chair, Treasurer (term expires 06/2026)

Matt Smylie; Secretary (term expires 06/2025)  

Justin Peters (term expires 06/2024)

Ken Casavant (term expires 06/2024)

Rick Edge (term expires 06/2026)

Nick Garner (term expires 06/2025)

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Board of Directors Position Description
Pullman Good Food Co-op is governed by a democratically elected Board of seven directors serving three-year terms. The Board is your voice at the Co-op and uses the principles of policy governance to represent the interests of member-owners and to safeguard the future of the cooperative. As a start-up Co-op, the Board actively works on the steps necessary to open a store.

Directors are required to
1. Agree to abide by the Board’s policies.
2. Sign a non-disclosure agreement.
3. Sign a Code of Conduct.
4. Disclose any potential conflicts of interest.


The primary responsibility of the Board is to act as trustees of the Co-op ownership by providing leadership to ensure the Co-op’s future. Specific responsibilities for individual Board members are to:
● Create and perpetuate the organization that can open and own a food co-op.
● Prepare for and attend all monthly Board meetings.
● Research issues thoroughly to be informed about Co-op operations and issues.
● Serve on committee(s) and attend committee meetings.
● Know and follow the Co-op’s bylaws, policies, and procedures.
● Bring complete honesty and personal integrity to the Co-op’s Board.
● Provide leadership for the Co-op and its management.
● Attend Board trainings and annual weekend retreats.


● Board members must be owners in good standing of Pullman Good Food Co-op.
● Only one individual per membership is eligible to serve on the Pullman Good Food Co-op Board of Directors at a time.
● Paid employees of the Co-op are not eligible to serve on the Board of Directors
● Board members must have strong communication and leadership skills and be willing and able to make decisions in a collaborative environment.

● Owner of the co-op 30 day prior to voting open.

Board Responsibilities
● Develop and implement opening of the Pullman Good Food Co-op.
● Enact governing policies, carry out the directives of Co-op’s Articles and Bylaws and update these documents as necessary to ensure the ongoing success of the cooperative.
● Act as trustees of member-owners by providing oversight of the Co-op’s finances.
● Provide a vital link between the co-op and member-owners.


● Assume fiduciary responsibility of the cooperative on behalf of all member-owners.
● Learn and practice the principles of Policy Governance to provide effective policy and leadership for the organization.
● Serve a three-year term unless elected to fill the remainder of another Director’s term.
● Prepare for, attend and participate actively in board activities, including but not limited to: monthly & weekly meetings, committee work, online discussion, training sessions, and retreats.
● Work cooperatively to reach decisions and accept group decisions as the voice of the board.
● Faithfully represent the Board’s interests and positions to the public while maintaining confidentiality as appropriate around protected matters.
● Work to perpetuate and improve the board itself through active recruitment, participation in democratic elections, policy formation, self-monitoring and self-assessment. Agree to abide by the Director’s Code of Conduct policies, which include avoiding any conflicts of interest with respect to fiduciary responsibility.
● Commit a minimum of 20 - 25 hours of time to board work and meetings each month (and more for officers).


There is no financial compensation for serving on the Co-op Board.

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