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Capital Stock

Strong community support drives successful co-ops. Capital shares infuse your
co-op with locally based capital to benefit you while you help to
start your store.”

Pullman Good Food Co-op members who live in the state of Washington have an opportunity to invest in Pullman Good Food Co-op's stock offering. PGFC is issuing 60,000 class A Preferred shares at $100 per share. A $1,000 investment is recommended.

Capital stock is a social investment that earns a moderate return, based on Pullman Good Food Co-op's annual profits. Each year, the Board reviews the Co-op's financial position and determines the dividend rate based on the number of shares issued. Once the store meets its operational goals, it is the intention of the Board to offer a dividend rate between 2-4% annually.

Capital raised through this funding vehicle will be used to finance the real-estate purchase of the property at 1095 SE Bishop Blvd, Pullman, WA 99163, as well as planning, remodeling, and start-up costs of the Co-op.


Please contact to request a prospectus today.

Interested? Have questions?

Email us at 

for more information or to schedule a 1-on-1 meeting to discuss how you can support PGFC!

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