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Pullman's very own food co-op, collectively grown

by the people of Pullman.

It started years ago, as a vision and dream shared by many Pullman residents… to open a full scale, natural food co-op in Pullman.


The dream is becoming a reality…


A small group of people are gathering the community together to open a Pullman based Food Co-op soon. Locals would like to open a store, offering good food from area farmers and producers, benefits all residents, and that presents helpful food education to everyone.


The start-up process has grown organically in the community, with many residents contributing their expertise to the planning and hard work of establishing the store. Community leaders, businesses, and residents excitedly continue to join together in the efforts to make the store a reality. Collectively, the current effort is focused on growing the number of member-owners to help open the Pullman Good Food Co-op soon.

Imagine being a store owner and smelling wholesome, fresh-baked bread and pastries wafting through the air as you approach your store. The busyness of the day melts away as you approach the entry filled with lush, colorful vegetation. Stepping inside, the market warmly receives you, offering a variety of fresh produce, prepared foods from the deli and bakery, a hot and cold beverage bar, health products, and a community space to visit with our friends and families.


You can join the can build the store! 1,000 memberships will help make the dream come true.



The mission of the Pullman Good Food Co-op is to provide the community with equitable access to healthy, affordable, quality food with a priority to support local producers.

To achieve our mission we will:

  • • Earn the loyalty of our owners through an ongoing commitment to service.

  • • Forge a deepening bond between sustainable, local producers and the co-op community.

  • • Strengthen our local economy through investment, employment and local trade

  • • Provide quality food, products, packaging, and food education that is affordable and           environmentally responsible.

  • • Value and respect all peoples and beliefs.

  • • Build upon and operate with cooperative principles and values.


Andy Jacobs - Chair

Matt Smylie - Secretary

Justin Peters

Ken Casavant

Richard Edge

Nick Garner

position vacant

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