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Community Owned.  Collectively Grown.



Becoming a PGFC Owner is easy!

Choose from the following membership options below. You'll be directed to a ownership form to complete, followed by a payment screen. We look forward to having you become part of the PGFC family!

Farm 1


$200 One-Time Payment

Lifetime Owner

Farmers' Market Visit


$25 per quarter +

One-time $25 processing fee

Vegetable Basket


$25 per year

Annual Renewal up to $200

EBT/WIC Recipient  - Renew annually, no fee
Send us an email to

Need to make a monthly ownership payment?


Community Benefits

Increased economic impact, stronger, healthier community, food resiliency: 

  • At start up 20-30 new jobs will be created.
    This is expected to increase to 40-50 with growth.

  • Currently, people who like to shop at Co-op's and natural food stores travel outside Pullman to get what they want. At start up over $3 million dollars of sales revenue will stay in our community. Within 5 years it is expected to increase to $5-$6 million and continue to climb.

  • Net profits are invested in the community to help strengthen the place we call home and that is so dear to those that now visit.

  • Increase in local food resiliency year round by expanding our food systems.


Founding Owner Benefits

(individuals and businesses who become members before the store opens.)

  • Only founding owners, households and businesses, will be permanently recognized in the store with their name and/or logo!

  • Only founding owners receive discounts with our local merchants!

  • Founding owners receive private invitations to special events.

  • Founding owners have the opportunity to become a legacy owner and to help strengthen the community!

Join online above, or click on the green button 

to download the owner form, and

return by ground mail

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