Pullman Co-op Closes in on 300 Members

The Pullman Good Food Co-op has announced is a few members short of 300! The membership growth over the last few weeks has been impressive and the PGFC is looking forward to continuing it's first push to 500 members.

To become a member, visit www.pullmangoodfoodcoop.com/membership to learn more. The following membership options are currently available:

1. Full Investment Owner- $200 one-time payment for a lifetime membership.

2. Owner- $25 per quarter plus a one-time $25 processing fee.

3. Student Owner- $25 per year with annual renewal up to $200.

Those interested in becoming a member are also encouraged to connect with the PGFC Board of Directors. Connect with them by:

1. Attending the Feb. 28 "Happy Hour with the Co-op" event at Trailside Taproom beginning at 4:00pm.

2. Attending the Feb. 25 presentation at the Senior Center in Pullman (see events page for more details).

3. Emailing hello@pullmangoodfoodcoop.com


For media inquiry please email hello@pullmangoodfoodcoop.com

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