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Robin Kania

Candidate for the Board of Directors

Robin Kania

Robin Kania

1. Why would you like to serve on the Board of Directors of Pullman Good Food Co-op?

As part of the Pullman community, I feel it is important to do something to give back, and I feel my experience would be well suited to this role.

2. What professional experience, training, education, or other board experience have you had that would contribute to the Board’s work and the mission of Pullman Good Food Co-op?

I have my Masters degree in Business Management from ASU W.P. Carey School of Business and my Undergraduate degree in Nutrition Communication from ASU. Professionally I have have been employed in leadership roles for over 30 years.

3. What skills and qualities do you have that uniquely qualify you for the Board of Directors?

I have both a working and leadership background in human resources, organizational development, administration, budget, supply chain/ warehousing and wellness.

4. Think about a situation that demonstrates your ability to create a climate that values cultural diversity. How would you encourage sharing different perspectives?

Communication is the key to diversity, which includes sharing ideas, listening and learning. I have been part of many diversity, equality and inclusion teams over the years.

5. Describe any experience you have in reading and understanding financial statements.

I provided years of bookkeeping support to my clients while self employed. More recently, I oversaw a $14 million budget for the Army Corps of Engineers, Lower Granite Dam, as well as, was the Billing Offical for the Government purchase card holders. I am currently a government card holder for the Federal Railroad Administration.

6. Describe your applicable experience in any the following: Capital Campaign & Fundraising, Ownership Development, Accounting, Real estate, Local agriculture, Local government or WSU.

This is the area I am the weakest. I have mostly entrepreneurial in the construction and wellness industries and now Federal experience. The exception is the couple of years of professional fund raising work I did with the March of Dimes in Florida.

7. Describe the applicable experience, skills or knowledge you have working with any or all of the following: cooperatives; policy governance; non-profit or for-profit boards; a group that used active member participation to achieve its goals.

I have significant experience with policy and some experience with non-profits.

8. Describe your connections with the community, including volunteer work if applicable.

I am currently an American Legion life member. A member of the DAV and Women Warriors. The lasy two years I have been a member of the Moscow Moose lodge and have recently become a part of their activities committee to consider fund raising or community opportunities.

9. Describe any business or entrepreneurial experience you have.

I was a business owner providing many years of service in Phoenix and the surrounding areas. I had both a Business Consulting agency and a Wellness center based in Scottsdale Arizona.

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